What is the Cost of an Arizona Probate?

The cost of an Arizona probate is the sum of: (i) legal fees (if you use a lawyer), (ii) costs such as the $206 Maricopa County Superior Court filing fee and the cost to publish the Notice to Creditors in a newspaper ($30 – $60), (iii) the cost to obtain a bond if a bond is required, and (iv) the compensation payable to the personal representative unless it is waived by the personal representative.  If a bond is not required and a the personal representative acts without compensation without hiring a lawyer, the total cost could be as low as $250 – $500.

If a lawyer is involved, legal fees can vary greatly depending on the lawyer.  Some lawyers may do probates for a fixed fee, but most charge on an hourly basis because it is not possible to predict how much time will be required to complete the probate.  Because Arizona is not a state like California that authorizes lawyers to charge legal fees as a percentage of the value of the estate, a simple uncontested informal Arizona probate can cost $2,000 to $2,500 or more regardless of the value of the estate.  Legal fees in a formal or supervised probate or if there is litigation over the estate can be substantially more

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